The Jonas Brothers say it took "a long time to break the code of the music industry" – Music News


    The "Hello Beautiful" hitmakers became famous at a young age and hustled others who planned to do the same, just "out" and play and rehearse. Joe said, "We just got out and played, and I think it's something we try to tell a lot of young artists to ask for advice, just go out there and play and rehearse for us He's been recording solo and thought we were a good band, so it started pretty fast, but it took a long time to crack the code. "While Nick added," I would add For the love of music, you also have to realize how scary it can be to have a young person in this business, because when it comes to music and the love of music, that's one thing it can go south very quickly, so I think I would encourage my children and our children to follow their passion, but I know that we will do our best to be there and you Being a good parent is also a way of setting boundaries. "The musical trio is currently in the middle of their & # 39; Happiness Begins & # 39; world Yours and tours now have a different dynamic than when they were younger because of their relationships and families, Kevin told E! News:" We have definitely gotten some red eyes in the last few weeks. I think you just have to make sure it works. Everyone is busy. Everyone has their own schedule. Each of our relationships is very different in their own way and I try my best to get home and see the girls whenever I can. It is important. When they were away most of the summer before school, it was fantastic. It was like a huge playground for you. "

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