Miley Cyrus hospitalized with unspecified illness – Music News


    Miley Cyrus asked fans to "cheer her up" after her hospitalization on Tuesday. The singer went to Instagram to see her However, telling followers about their hospital stay did not indicate what they were being treated for. Instead, she did her best to make sure she was back in shape for her appearance at Gorillapalooza – a concert to raise money for gorillas and other endangered species – this weekend. "I'm trying to heal as fast as possible to make it Gorillapalooza w @theellenshow @portiaderossi @brunomars this weekend!" Miley wrote next to a selfie from her hospital bed: "I hope the rock star G * DS sends me a boost of bad A * s and helps me hurl this thing to the curb where it belongs! We need to save gorillas! "Miley Dann told her once again how she was standing in front of the mirror while her mother Tish brushed her hair." How you present yourself can determine how you feel! "(Sic)", she wrote. In addition to Tish, Miley received support from her current love interest Cody Simpson and later wrote another selfie: "BF (friend) comes to visit me at the Hospy." Couple triggered romance rumors last month, Miley's post is the first time that she called the Australian star her boyfriend. The hitmaker Mother's Daughter was serenaded by her boyfriend in her hospital bed when he arrived the song is "too special just to be heard by me in full. I'm currently pressuring him to drop it next week ".

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