Matt Healy says The 1975 plan to perform with Greta Thunberg – Music News


    The 16-year-old environmental activist made her musical debut on a title called & # 39; The 1975 & # 39; – An eponymous song The Instrumental Song, which opens the band's "Notes on a Conditional Form" and "A Short Inquiry Into Online Relationships", in which Greta reads an essay on minimal orchestral accompaniment. And the 30-year-old singer has revealed that she plans to come together in the future because she is "one of the few people" who inspires him and his bandmates. He said the Daily Star's Wired column, "I'm sure there'll be a moment when we meet … it's one of the few people that inspires us." To a part of the song, she says, " We must acknowledge that the older generations have failed, all the political movements in their present form have failed, but homo sapiens have not yet failed, yes we fail, but there is still time to turn "We face a catastrophe of unspoken Suffering for a tremendous amount of people. And now is not the time to speak politely or focus on what we can say or not. Now is the time to speak clearly. "Well, everyone out there, it's time for civil disobedience, it's time to rebel." The money from the track will be donated to the campaign group Extinction Rebellion on Greta's request. The record label & # 39; Chocolate & # 39; Hitmakers & # 39 ;, Dirty Hit, has taken action to reduce carbon footprint. The band's manager and label CEO, Jamie Oborne, recently announced that no one-way plastic, including CD jewelery, will be made in his office. He said, "Instead of ignoring that it's a pollutant, we're minimizing it him by using only light vinyl from now on. " This is not very trendy, but a heavyweight LP equals the production of two or three [standard thickness LPs]. "The label's vinyls and vinyl are packaged in paper wrappers and not wrapped in non-degradable shrink wrap, and they plan to introduce a biodegradable shrink wrap in the future." Ise is also eco-friendly as unsold previous collections are converted into new memorabilia.

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