Jack Ryan: Season 2 – Episode Guide


    CIA agent Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) in the second season Jack Ryan by Tom Clancy in the Venezuelan jungle. Jack's investigations threaten to uncover a far-reaching conspiracy centered around the Venezuelan president. This started a counter attack, the jack is personal and the colleague in a global mission through the United States, United Kingdom, Russia and Venezuela. This leads to the goal of visualizing the fiendish plan of the president and bringing stability to a country on the threshold of chaos.
    Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is a co-production of Amazon Studios, Paramount Television and Skydance Television. The second season will be available exclusively on Prime Video. Alongside John Krasinski are Wendell Pierce as James Greer, Noomi Rapace as Harriet, Harry Baumann, Michael Kelly as Mike November, and Tom Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones, The Boat ) in a certain supporting role part of the cast of the drama series.
    Andrew Form, Brad Fuller, Michael Bay, John Krasinski, and Allyson Seeger co-executive with Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland. Other runners-up for Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan are Andrew Bernstein, Vince Calandra, David Graziano, Tom Clancy, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Marcy Ross, Mace Neufeld, Lindsey Springer, Dennie Gordon, and Phil Abraham.
    Episode 201: Cargo Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) seeks out the truth about Venezuela's nuclear relations and its immediate threat to the United States. James Greer (Wendell Pierce), who is about to be excluded from his new post in Russia, joins Jack in Venezuela. Both are now in the midst of the reelection of a dictator.
    Episode 202: Tertia OptioJack receives permission from Senator Chapin to stay in Venezuela. President Reyes (Jordi Mollà) participates in the assassination of an American senator. Jack and Harriet 'Harry' Baumann (Noomi Rapace) work together to follow a trail that could lead in the top ranks.
    Episode 203: The Orinoco The US special unit arrives in Venezuela. Jack's information leads the team to a site guarded by the militia. But the mission goes awry and one of the team members stays behind in the jungle. Gloria Bonalde (Cristina Umaña), the political opponent of President Reyes, appears to be a serious contender for the upcoming presidential election.
    Episode 204: EpriusAfter being inspired by his service in Venezuela, he leads a new track Jack to London, where he asks the MI5 for help. But he soon realizes that the man he hunts is also after him. Meanwhile in Venezuela: President Reyes makes Gloria an offer.
    Episode 205: Blue Gold Jack and Harry used the daughter of Max Schenkel (Tom Wlaschiha) as bait to move him to a personal meeting. The stranded in the jungle Marcus (Jovan Adepo) discovered there a prison camp. Greer visits Gloria Bonalde in the hope of establishing a connection between Reyes and her missing husband.
    Episode 206: Persona Non GrataReyes accuses the United States of manipulating the election. The US Embassy will be evacuated. Jack, Greer and Mike November (Michael Kelly) have to decide whether to execute the following commands or act under the radar on their own. Reye's men track Matice (John Hoogenakker) and the American soldiers in the jungle.
    Episode 207: Dios y FederacionThe elections in Venezuela are imminent. Jack and Mike can avoid a raid on the CIA's "safe house" while Greer is interrogated. The family of Ubarri (Francisco Denis) has to decide whether to fly or face Reyes.
    Episode 208: StrongmanJack goes to the Presidential Palace to rescue Greer. When the elections are canceled, it comes outside the palace to confirm protests and Jack has to make a decision that could determine his future …

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